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Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Partner for Safer Online Gaming News 0

News 0 While Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are all competitors when it comes to video game products, the big three gaming manufacturers have banded together to help foster a safer online gaming experience for everyone — regardless of which platform they play on. Related Reading: Compatible PS5 Monitors That Can Support 120fps Check out the key points […]

Compatible PS5 Monitors That Can Support 120fps News 5

News 5 In the market for a new gaming monitor that supports 120fps (frames-per-second) and works on the latest next-gen console, the PS5? Wel,l this piece of helpful info for compatible PS5 monitors might be what you’re looking for, as it compiles a list of currently supported monitors for Sony’s next-gen console. Reddit user MarkG33 has collaborated […]

PS5 Is Sony’s Biggest Console Launch to Date, More Supply Coming to Retailers This Year News 3

News 3 Unsurprisingly, it would appear that Sony hit big with the PS5 as they have confirmed that the console is their biggest launch to date. While no official numbers have been provided yet, the company issued a thank you statement this morning over on Twitter, confirming that the PS5 is their biggest console launch ever. And […]

Own a PS5 Disc Version? You May Want to Install Offline for Faster Installation (Error CE-107863-5) News 1

News 1 If you own a PS5 that takes physical discs, you may want to know that being connected online may slow down installation, as the system adds any updates to the initial install. This may resolve those having the CE-107863-5 error. As pointed out by Lance McDonald, when connected to the PSN network while installing a […]

PS5 Leak Shows Off New Section of UI, 664GB Storage, & More (Update) News 0

News 0 A fresh PS5 leak has surfaced, showing off a bit more of the UI along with the storage available on the console.  Twitter user @ABCYoungBoy posted a new video showing off the PS5 UI, amongst other things such as the console and controller. Down below you’ll get a quick overview of the UI, including what […]

Why PS3 Emulation Is So Hard Even After 15 Years News 7

News 7 As we learned earlier in the year, the PS4 won’t be feature any backwards compatibility outside of the PS4. While a disappointment to many, some had wondered why it was that some PCs were capable of running emulations such as RPCS3 yet a next-gen console such as the PS5 isn’t. Well, for those who aren’t […]

Report: PS5 Storage May Support Four Different M.2 NVMe SSDs Sizes Based on Hardware Breakdown News 1

News 1 The recent PS5 breakdown gives us a look at the internal SSD expansion slot, though upon further examination it would appear that the system might support different sizes (length) of M.2 NVMe SSDs. In the recent PS5 breakdown video, we see Yasuhiro Ootori, VP of the mechanical design department at Sony remove the cover for […]

PS5 Fan Noise Is Quiet According to Hands-On Impressions News 1

News 1 One of the biggest questions that gamers have been wondering since the PS5 announcement is how quiet is the PS5? Well, apparently very as the PS5 fan noise has been described as surprisingly quiet even if the console itself is huge. This is all according to Dengeki Online, who posted their hands-on impression of the […]

New PS5 4K Movie Branding Shows Up on New Movie Cover News 0

News 0 Spider-Man Miles Morales won’t be the only Spider-Man content dropping this November, as Sony Pictures is set to release a movie collection featuring the web-swinger’s recent releases shortly after the launch of the PS5. To help go tie-in the marketing, a new work in progress box art has been uncovered, showing off a new PS5 […]

Direct PS5 Pre-Order Shipments to Be in Waves, Second Wave Set for December Per Official Email News 2

News 2 For those who managed to secure a PS5 pre-order directly from the PlayStation website via invitation, you may want to check your inboxes as Sony has begun sending out email confirmation for those who are part of their first and second shipment allocation. The email, which was sent to one of our Australian connections, reads […]

Marvel’s Spider-Man Ultimate Edition & Demon’s Souls PS5 Minimum File Size Revealed News 0

News 0 As spotted on the official PlayStation direct pre-order page, the Marvel’s Spider-Man and Demon’s Souls PS5 minimum file size have been revealed! For Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is the ultimate edition that includes the new Miles Morales expansion we are looking at 105 GB as a minimum requirement. To compare, the original PS4 release weights roughly […]

Sony Sets the Bar With PS5 Showcase News 6

News 6 Wow. Just…wow. After endless debates on whether or not Sony would bite the bullet regarding the price or suffer a repeat of 2006, we finally have our answer. The PlayStation 5 will release at a cool $499 and $399 for the Standard and Digital versions respectively. Honestly, that’s incredible. Once news started to leak that […]

PS5 Pre-order Registration Now Live, First Come First Serve for Invitees News 5

News 5 Looks like Sony is gearing up to open the official PS5 pre-orders as they have begun a new campaign that allows sign-ups to be amongst the first to secure a PS5 pre-order. In a now-live PS5 pre-order page, the company details that there will be a limited supplies of PS5 consoles once they go live […]

Sony Reveals “Ready for PS5” TV, Features 120fps at 4K News 0

News 0 While Sony is known as an electronics giant moreso than a video game company, there’s no denying how big the PlayStation business has been for the company’s bottom line. Having said that, isn’t it weird that Sony has never tied in one of its TV with its consoles? That seems to be changing today. Related […]

Sony Says the PS4 Still Has a Ton of Life Left, Has a Lot More Coming News 1

News 1 Despite next-gen consoles releasing this year, Sony has assured fans that there is still more life in the PS4 and that it will continue to be an important system. Speaking during the PS5 Dualsense controller reveal stream, Sony’s worldwide head of marketing of PlayStation, Eric Lempel spoke briefly about the current life cycle for the […]

Sony Invests $250 Million in Epic Games, Acquires Minority Stake News 0

News 0 It looks like Sony and Epic Games are going to be working much closer together, as the electronics giant has invested $250 million for a minority stake in Epic Games, the company best known for the Unreal Engine, and of course, the mega-hit game, Fortnite. Note that this won’t affect Fortnite’s availability on other platforms, […]

Report: Sony Eyeing Acquistion of Leyou, Parent Company of Splash Damage and Warframe Devs News 0

News 0 It looks like Sony is eyeing to acquire more video game studios, as a new report has surfaced stating that the electronics computer giant is looking to acquire Hong Kong-listed Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd., Just who is Leyou Holdings? It’s none other than the parent company of Splash Damage (Brink, Dirty Bomb), and Digital Extremes, […]

PS5 Games Showcase Event Delayed News 0

News 0 The PS5 games showcase event announced for June 4, has been postponed with no new date set. Due to the ongoing events in the United States, Sony has decided to postpone its PS5 event until further notice. Down below you can read the official statement issued by the official PlayStation Twitter account today. […]

Report – PS5 Event Scheduled for Next Week News 0

News 0 While Sony continues its long silence on the matter of the PS5, sources have claimed that the company is planning to host a PS5 event and in just one week’s time. This report comes from both Bloomberg and VentureBeat, who both have sources close to the company saying that the PS5 event is currently set […]

Sony VR Patents Show PSVR With Headphones, Shared Virtual Space and More News 9

News 9 It looks like Sony is heavily investing in PSVR (PlayStation VR) and VR as part of the company’s future. From real-world positioning, facial tracking, finger tracking, to even built-in headphones, Sony has taken a large interest in VR, as a large number of recently filed Sony VR patents have surfaced. Do note that these are […]

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