Marvel’s Avengers: Dev Team Listening to All Feedback and Will Improve Visuals, Hero Lock Confirmed

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Yesterday, Square Enix dropped one of the biggest bombshells at this year’s E3 with the official reveal trailer for Marvel’s Avengers. Unfortunately though, the reveal might not have gone over as well as people would have liked when it comes to how the characters look.

In a video interview with GameSpot, VP & Creative Director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann confirmed that they are listening to “all the feedback.” Near the end of the interview, Rosemann mentioned, “Hey, true believers out there, we want to thank you for last night, for watching the trailer. Your energy was awesome! All the comments we’re hearing, we’re listening to them, we’re sharing them, we’re bringing them back to the studio, we’re listening to you…thank you!”

With this statement, it seems Rosemann is quite aware that the character designs have not gone over well to both comic book and video game fans, which is understandable, given most people might have been expecting the game’s characters to look more like the Avengers in the recently released Avengers: Endgame than something you’d see in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

Also in the interview, Crystal Dynamics Creative Director Shaun Escayg confirmed that there will be a “character lock” feature in the game. This means that if someone on your team selects Iron Man, you won’t be able to select the same hero for your team. Additionally, Escayg revealed that a lot of customization options will come into play which will make each character your own.

Lastly, over on Twitter, the official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter posted a video interview where the dev team shares how they’re improving everything in the game, and that everything we saw was in pre-alpha, and yes, this includes the visuals.

There you have it, true believers! Let’s hope Crystal Dynamics gives us an Avengers game that will knock our superhero socks off come May 2020.