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Marvel’s Avengers Free-Roam Explained, Players Will Be Allowed to Fly “Everywhere” News 3

News 3 If you didn’t know this by now, Marvel’s Avengers game is not an open-world game. Instead, it opts for large hub zones that players will be able to complete main and side objectives along with a number of activities, including being able to free-roam in them. To explain what players can expect more, the game’s […]

Marvel’s Avengers Co-Op Gameplay Debut Flies Out News 0

News 0 Last month, Crystal Dynamics announced that we’ll be getting our first look at Marvel’s Avengers co-op gameplay. Well, that’s happening now. Go watch our fresh gameplay look assembling Earth’s mighiest heroes in the trailer below. Once we get more info about the new gameplay reveal, we’ll let our readers know. In the meantime, what do […]

Thor Gets Shown Off in the Latest Marvel’s Avengers Game Gameplay News 0

News 0 Premiering during the June Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE stream, Crystal Dynamics has debuted some brand new Marvel’s Avengers Game Gameplay, featuring the god of lighting himself, Thor. Down below you’ll find the full gameplay reveal for Thor, which shows off a number of his special abilities and combos.  Marvel’s Avengers Game Gameplay Talk about exciting! […]

New Marvel’s Avengers Story Trailer Showcases the Main Villain News 0

News 0 As part of the Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream, Crystal Dynamics has released a new Marvel’s Avengers Story trailer. In it, we see Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) round up the Avengers on what seemed to be their retirement (or exile). We also find out that the main villain is MODOK! There’s more gameplay hitting […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game PS5 and Xbox Series X Free Upgrade & Next-Gen Features Announced News 3

News 3 In what would seem like a no-brainer move, Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix have today confirmed the Marvel’s Avengers game PS5 and Xbox Series X free upgrade! In the press release, Square Enix detailed some of the highlights the next-gen version will get, as well as confirmed cross-gen progression.  Players who own the current-gen […]

Marvel’s Avengers New Screenshots Shown Ahead of Reveal, Gives Us a Look at Kamala’s Hideout News 2

News 2 In case you didn’t know, Crystal Dynamics  is planning to show some co-op action for Marvel’s Avengers later this month after what feels like months of silence. Before that drops, the studio has given us a few screenshots to tide us over. Check out the screens showing us the team, and a look at Kamala […]

Marvel’s Avengers New Gameplay, Co-Op Details Set for Next Month News 0

News 0 For a game that’s set to release later this year, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have both been rather quiet on the Marvel’s Avengers front. Thankfully, that’s about to change about a month from now, as Marvel’s Avengers new gameplay is set to be released! This was announced by Square Enix, along with details on […]

Marvel’s Avengers Captain America Will Be Able to Wall Run, Here’s How It Works News 1

News 1 If you thought wallrunning is just a skill reserved for the likes of Nathan Drake, the Prince of Persia and the like, well, it seems the Avengers’ leader, Captain America will be able to do it too in Marvel’s Avengers. Over on a Reddit thread about the game, Lead Combat Designer Vince Napoli confirmed that […]

First Marvel’s Avengers JP Voiced Trailer Flies Out News 0

News 0 While we’ve gotten numerous trailers for Marvel’s Avengers already, this time, we got one that has Japanese voiceovers. What’s shown below isn’t really new, though we have an extra minute of footage, but as mentioned, the voiceover is by Japanese voice actors. Curious? I bet you are. Check it out below. Do you prefer the […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game New Trailer Gives Us a Game Overview News 1

News 1 Not sure what you’re getting into with Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers? Today, Square Enix has released a Marvel’s Avengers game new trailer and it gives us a spoiler-free look at what Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are up to in this upcoming action title. Note that this trailer is the same one released before, but it does […]

Marvels Avengers Game – The Story So Far (Spoiler Warning) News 0

News 0 Now that all the issues of Marvel Avengers video game prequel comics are released and done with, it’s time to delve deep into the story leading up to the game. While this won’t spoil or divulge a lot of the Avengers game story, it will give us a background on what to expect come the […]

Marvel’s Avengers Legacy Outfits Gets Showcased News 0

News 0 Square Enix has given us a fresh look at the Marvel’s Avengers Legacy Outfits, which is available exclusively for those who pre-order the game. For those who don’t know, the Legacy Outfits are costumes inspired by the defining moments that made each Avengers what they were today. Down below we get a look at the […]

Marvel’s Avengers Emotes and New Costumes Showcased News 1

News 1 We’ve already gotten alternate costumes for Marvel’s Avengers’ heroes. Well, today, we now have good look at the Avengers game emotes for Iron Man, Ms. Marvel. and Thor! Not only that, but we even get a look at some of their other alternate costumes too! The winged helmet, chest installations, and red cape were Thor's […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Funko Figures Revealed, Features Stark Tech Designs News 0

News 0 With almost every big property these days getting Funko pop equivalents, it’s not shocking to hear that Funo is doing one for Marvel’s Avengers! If you’re curious what these Avengers game Funko figures look like, look no further! Revealed at the New York Toy Fair, shown below are the Marvel’s Avengers game Funko figurines for […]

Marvel’s Avengers GameStop Exclusive Is the “Outback Hulk” and Includes an Action Figure News 0

News 0 Just a few days ago, we got the official details on some of different editions for Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. Well, today, it seems there’s another one to add to that list, and that’s with the Marvel’s Avengers GameStop pre-order exclusive! Priced at $90, the Marvel’s Avengers GameStop exclusive not only includes the game […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Characters Redesign Shows New Thor Look and Other Changes News 17

News 17 The latest trailer for Marvel’s Avengers is out and judging by the “old” footage shown off in it, it would seem like Crystal Dynamics has heard some of the fan’s feedback and have once again done some Avengers game characters redesign/changes. When Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers game was first fully revealed at E3 2019, many […]

Marvel’s Avengers Editions Detailed, Deluxe Edition Gives 72-Hour Early Access News 0

News 0 Those looking forward to Crystal Dynamics’ Marve’s Avengers, we now know the Avengers game editions that will be available for players to purchase, as well as what’s included in each of the different editions. To digest it easier, we’ve outlined everything in list form. Digital Edition: Beta access 1,000 Credits Ms. Marvel nameplate For everyone […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Trophies and Achievements Revealed News 0

News 0 While it might have been delayed a few months from May to September, it seems that hasn’t stopped Crystal Dynamics from finalizing the Marvel’s Avengers game Trophies and Achievements as they’re available to view now! There are 50 total Trophies/Achievements to obtain, with 15 of them being secret (which means they’re story-related somewhat). Check out […]

Marvel’s Avengers Hulk Profile Video Shows Powers and Character History News 0

News 0 While Marvel’s Avengers might have been delayed to September, that means Crystal Dynamics has more time to give us an overview of the upcoming game, and that’s just what we got today with this Marvel’s Avengers game Hulk overview video. In the three-minute video, we get to see Crystal Dynamics talk about the Hulk’s powers […]

Report: Marvel’s Avengers Steam Release Might Have Been Confirmed News 1

News 1 In light of the recent delay announcement news, it would appear that Marvel’s Avengers Steam release is very much happening according to a recent website update. Since the reveal of Marvels Avengers Square Enix has stated that the title would release on PC, however never clarified if it would be released on either Steam or […]

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