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Marvel’s Avengers Captain America Gets the Spotlight in This Character Profile Video News 0

News 0 While Square Enix has already shown us our first official gameplay look at Marvel’s Avengers, the publisher has now started what I presume to be a recurring series showcasing some of the game’s main heroes. For the debut episode, we get to see the leader himself, Captain America, take center stage! Check out the super […]

Marvel’s Avengers New Gameplay Shows Different Suits, Enemies and More News 0

News 0 While Square Enix released the first official gameplay video for Marvel’s Avengers, we now have more footage to show you. Below, Marvel’s Avengers new gameplay is shown, which also shows us the characters’ different suits (Captain America scale armor!), new enemies and lots more. Note that the quality isn’t that good since YouTuber JorRaptor captured […]

Official 18-Minute Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay A-Day Prologue Released News 0

News 0 After numerous leaks, Square Enix has finally released our first Marvel’s Avengers gameplay footage! This one is all about the A-Day (Avengers Day) Prologue gameplay that was shown back behind closed doors this E3. Watch as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor battle Taskmaster and his army of mercenaries in the opening […]

Marvel’s Avengers Hulk and Captain America Gameplay Leaked News 0

News 0 While we already posted some leaked Marvel’s Avengers gameplay, we now have more for you to watch today. Below, you’ll see a clip showcasing Avengers game Hulk gameplay mixed in with some Avengers game Captain America gameplay. Part 2. SDCC. Sadly the last part. Security almost caught me. from MarvelAvengersProject In case that one gets […]

Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition Will Include a Captain America Statue, Here’s Our First Look News 2

News 2 For those wondering if there’s going to be a Collectors Edition for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, you’ll be very happy to hear that there is, and pre-orders will begin later this year. While there’s not a whole lot of information in terms of what additional content it’ll include, we at least know now that […]

Marvel’s Avengers: Ms. Marvel Confirmed, Here’s Our First Look News 20

News 20 Many fans had speculated during the first reveal trailer for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers, but now we have official confirmation that Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel will indeed play a role in the game, and we even have our first look! For those unfamiliar with the character, Ms. Marvel debuted originally back in 1977, who’s first […]

Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Leaked From SDCC, Shows Off Thor News 0

News 0 Yesterday, At the San Diego Comic0-Con, Square Enix debuted an updated Marvel’s Avengers demo based on what they showed at their E3 presentation. While there were no direct live streams, to no one’s surprise, someone has shared some footage of the gameplay debut giving us a more clearer look than the previous gameplay leak we […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game New Images Shows Graphical Improvements and Alternate Costumes News 1

News 1 For those who weren’t to fond of the visuals for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avenger game, you may be happy to know that as promised, the team is working on improving the visuals as shown in these leaked Marvel’s Avengers game new images from the Marvel SDCC panel. During the original E3 reveal, many fans had […]

Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Demo Release Date Announced, SDCC Demo Detailed News 0

News 0 Just a week ago, Square Enix announced that San Diego Comic-Con attendees would be able to see a gameplay demo of Marvel’s Avengers, though it would only be available for panel attendees only. Today, we now know when the general public will have our first look at the Avengers gamplay demo release date, and it’s […]

Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Debut Set for July 18 at SDCC, but Will Be for Attendees Only News 0

News 0 When Square Enix unveiled Marvel’s Avengers at this year’s E3, there was a private, behind closed doors gameplay demo that was shown to press attendees that unfortunately, wasn’t made public (we catch a glimpse of it via a leak). Now for those looking forward to actual gameplay, you’ll be able to catch the Marvel’s Avengers […]

Marvel’s Avengers Will Have Microtransactions Confirmed News 0

News 0 At Square Enix’s E3 2019 press briefing where Marvel’s Avengers was revealed, it was also announced on stage that the game won’t feature loot boxes. Well, it seems, even if that’s the case, the Marvel’s Avengers game microtransactions will still be a thing. Speaking to IGN, Crystal Dynamics Lead Creative Director Shaun Escayg confirmed this […]

Marvel’s Avengers Photo Mode Confirmed Available at Launch News 0

News 0 It’s been a busy E3 week for the team working behind Marvel’s Avengers, and to help close off the conference Marvel and Crystal Dynamic have announced some well wanted features for Marvels Avengers. During the final Q&A session at E3, Marvel Games VP & Creative Director Bill Rosemann and Crystal Dynamics Studio Creative Director Noah […]

Marvel’s Avengers Character Designs Won’t Be Changing Even After Fan Criticism News 0

News 0 Just a few days ago, Square Enix unveiled Marvel’s Avengers for the first time, and unfortunately for the publisher — and for developer Crystal Dynamics — the fans didn’t exactly love what they saw in terms of the Marvel’s Avengers game character design. Now, while Crystal Dynamics have said that they’re listening to all the […]

Off-Screen Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Leaks and Shows Us How It Looks in Action News 2

News 2 While Square Enix might have revealed Marvel’s Avengers officially during its E3 2019 press briefing, what we got was a trailer that showed us the character design, graphics, and bits of the story. Unfortunately, no actual Marve’s Avengers gameplay was shown publicly, though it was being demoed to various members of the press behind closed […]

Marvel’s Avengers: Dev Team Listening to All Feedback and Will Improve Visuals, Hero Lock Confirmed News 2

News 2 Yesterday, Square Enix dropped one of the biggest bombshells at this year’s E3 with the official reveal trailer for Marvel’s Avengers. Unfortunately though, the reveal might not have gone over as well as people would have liked when it comes to how the characters look. In a video interview with GameSpot, VP & Creative Director […]

E3 2019: Marvel’s Avengers Reveal Trailer Assembles, Beta Out First on PS4 News 0

News 0 At today’s Square Enix E3 2019 press conference, the publisher has finally revealed our first look at Marvel’s Avengers with an Avengers game reveal trailer, which is to be expected given the recent announcements. While we already know that it’ll include four-person mutliplayer, and will involve a new and original story, we now know just […]

Marvel’s Avengers Game Will Feature Up to 4-Player Co-Op, an “Ever-Expanding” World News 0

News 0 While we  we already know that Square Enix’s Avengers game (officially titled Marvel’s Avengers) will finally be unveiled at E3 2019, more details regarding the game have surfaced, and it confirms quite a few things about the game. Posted on the official E3 site, but has since been pulled, the description below (via Reddit) mentions […]

Square Enix Avengers Game Officially Titled “Marvel’s Avengers,” and Will Be Revealed at E3 News 1

News 1 After being announced back in E3 2017 as the “Avengers Project,” we’ve heard virtually nothing from Square Enix regarding the game. Well, it seems this will change very soon as the Avengers PS4, Xbox One title will get its full reveal at E3 2019! Announced via the official Avengers Twitter account, we now have the […]

Report: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Release Date Leaked, Reveal Set for Tomorrow (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: And now even the reveal trailer has leaked! Watch it here on Facebook! Original Story: Back in December of last year, Square Enix announced the new Tomb Raider game and even snuck in a hidden message that points to it titled as “Shadow of the Tomb Raider.” Today, the official Tomb Raider website has […]

The Avengers Project Details Shared by Marvel, Confirms Its a New and Original Story News 2

News 2 While we know that Square Enix is working on a untitled Avenger’s game for Marvel simply titled, the “Avengers Project,” there’s not much to go on. Sure, we know it’s being made by Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider), and that it’s being worked on by an impressive list of video game vets, but for the most […]

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