Marvel’s Avengers Update 2.7 Release Set for Nov. 29, Ushers in Winter Soldier & More

Marvel's Avengers Update 1.000.050

Crystal Dynamics has finally revealed when Marvel’s Avengers players will be able to play as Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier). In a new development update today, the studio revealed that Marvel’s Avengers update 2.7 will be released this November 29, and will include Bucky and more.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 2.7 Release Info and Overview:

New end-game Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat headlined by MODOK (requires Power Level 175):

This Omega-Level Threat is a new end-game challenge headlined by a climactic confrontation with the deranged genius to end the danger once and for all. The Lab is a challenging AIM base that players will navigate before facing off one last time against MODOK in a grand multiplayer fight. MODOK has developed new tactics since players confronted him in San Francisco, and is designed to test our heroes in this new four-against-one fight.

New power-level cap increasing to 185

Winter Soldier (played by Scott Porter)

Winter Soldier will also launch with his own heroic mission chain that sees the Avengers help him regain his confidence in his capacity for good and deal with the trauma inflicted on him by his captors. Players that complete the mission chain will be rewarded with Bucky’s iconic outfit.

After update 2.7, Crystal Dynamics states that their next update will continue with “the ongoing revisions and tuning to Heroes that we started in 2.6 and continue in 2.7.”

More details regarding Winter Soldier will be revealed closer to launch which includes his backstory, first look at the Cloning Lab, outfit reveals and more.

Source: Avengers Square Enix

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9 months ago

What time because here we are 11/29/22 and still no update🤔

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