Report: Perfect Dark Reboot Still 2-3 Years Away; Might Release in Episodic Format

perfect dark reboot

The Perfect Dark reboot is still two to three years away from being released, according to sources familiar with the project. The report comes from IGN, with claims that the game is slated for release in two to three years, and that it may come in an episodic format. The sources have also cited troubled development between developer The Initiative and co-developer Certain Affinities.

Here’s the original teaser for Perfect Dark, which was released last 2020, for reference:

The trailer shown above wasn’t in-game footage; rather, it was made by an external CG house, and it was “very obviously way far ahead of anywhere the game was at,” according to one of The Initiative’s developers who worked on the project at the time.

It turns out that the game’s long development cycle has to do with troubles arising from internal decision-making. The plan was for Perfect Dark to feel like a spy movie, such as one you’d watch from the likes of Mission: Impossible or James Bond, but while this core idea stuck, many of the smaller ideas surrounding it kept changing, making it difficult to progress. This ended up frustrating both Certain Affinity and The Initiative, who were both developing the game during its early stages, and tensions only grew between the two studios as they continued to work on the project.

If the reports are to be believed, then it’ll be quite a while before we’ll hear any news of the Perfect Dark reboot. Still, at least we won’t have to wait for five or more years like with the next Elder Scrolls game.

Source: IGN

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