Back 4 Blood Devs Try Their Best to Include Accessibility Features So That Everybody Can Play Their Games

Back 4 Blood Update 1.04

For those playing the Back 4 Blood beta, you might (or might not) have noticed that there’s already a wide range of accessibility options to the zombie-slaying game, and it seems developer Turtle Rock Studios has implemented these Back 4 Blood accessibility options as a priority.

Currently, the game features a text-to-speech interface, colorblind options, a speech-to-text program for voice chat, the ability to adjust visibility of the different areas of the HUD (heads-up display) and the like. This accessibility has also seeped its way into gameplay as well, and it’s by design, too. Brandon Yanez, Lead Game Designer at Turtle Rock Studios has commented on this, and has mentioned how they are pushing for this so that everybody who wants to play their games, can.

We have multiple difficulty levels, and with each one we try to target a different group of players. Playtesting allows us to adjust how forgiving or brutal this is that allows us to include more players. This is for everybody, so we try to get a lot of people in to test it and make sure they have fun with it.

When we hear of a new feature that can help somebody else experience our game, we do our best to try and include it. Even if it’s not perfect at launch, moving forward we want to ensure that everybody can play our products.

As someone with a bad case of colorblindess, this is definitely welcome news to me. Hopefully, other studios realize how accessibility options aren’t just something you tick off a box, but something that you actively work on so that more players can enjoy the game rather than figuring out a way on how to enjoy it.

Speaking of the Back 4 Blood beta, go check out our impressions here via a press event we attended! The open beta which will be available for everyone regardless if they pre-order or not, starts next week.

Source: GameByte

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