Back 4 Blood Known Issues Listed by Turtle Rock

Back 4 Blood Known Issues

In case you missed the news, Back 4 Blood is now officially available worldwide. While players are certainly clocking in the kill count in this much anticipated horde survival, some have taken notice to some rather strange bugs. Well fret not, as developer Turtle Rock has made it loud and clear that they see them, and have even released a list of known Back 4 Blood issues that they are working on.

Here are some known Back 4 Blood issues as highlighted by the studio on their Trello board

Back 4 Blood Known Issues:

Fixes Coming Soon

  • Fix for Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee not unlocking in Solo Campaign

Currently Actively Working On

  • Solo campaign progression – Investigating enabling earning of Supply Points and Achievements while playing Solo Campaign
  • Matchmaking Stability
  • Uneven Swarm matches
  • Ultrawide monitor support
  • Too many Cleaner in campaign – Sometimes players can end up with 6-8 Cleaners in the game, more than the 4 maximums.
  • Dropping out of matches and reconnecting causes primary weapon to disappear.
  • Applied Ultimate Edition Cleaner and Weapon Skins reset to Default Skins when signing back into game with that same character.
  • After Chapter completion, usernames sometimes appear with numbers in them.
  • Dying while using ADS will make the player respawn having the effect of the ADS zoom.
  • Ping on Intel Folder pickup doesn’t say “card here.”

To Do (Issues that are acknowledged and will be addresses later)

  • Text size on cards not ideal for most TVs.
  • Player’s name in Rescue Pod displays as bot’s name.
  • User’s secondary weapon is unloaded after transferring to any map in game.
  • Finding secret-interactable accomplishments are not being unlocked within the in-game accomplishments list despite being triggered as fulfilled in-game. Note: Achievements are unaffected and still work.
  • Could spawn 3 of the same Ridden class if picked all at once in Swarm.
  • Failsafe for matching into a Swarm game where the other team leaves/disconnects
  • Players who quickplay into a match will load with: no copper, base amount of ammo, and with basic weapons.
  • Player can sometimes quickplay into finale maps right at the end.
  • Model moves erratically when crouching/hitting the punching bag in Fort Hope.

That’s all for now, and we should be expecting a patch to drop real soon addressing some of these issues. We will be sure to keep you posted when that drops, so keep an eye out on our Back 4 Blood news feed! Our Back 4 Blood review should be hitting the site soon, so watch out for that.

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