Bandai Namco Reveals New Game “#Projekt1514”, Offers Some Cryptic Information

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Bandai Namco has dropped a teaser trailer for their “mysterious” new game, “#Project1514“. This hashtag-toting, Twitter-friendly title is given 30 seconds to make an impression in the video below.

Included are a few shots of dilapidated buildings and post-apocalyptic landscapes. The trailer’s text states that this is “a new project” (a new IP then, right?) and that it’s being developed by Dimps (Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Street Fighter V). 

Included alongside the trailer is a short cryptic description: 

We release today a teaser trailer devoted to our new mysterious title #Projekt1514. Military battlefield, bullets, shots and dark atmospheres are key elements of this trailer. Which world is this? What they are fighting for?

And that’s all we’re getting for now! Perhaps we’ll receive more information from Bandai Namco during gamescom or Paris Games Week. 

What do you make of the #Projekt1514 teaser trailer? Got any idea what the game could be about?