Mobile App Released by Blizzard, Doesn’t Do Much

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Blizzard is joining the app bandwagon as there’s now a app available for both iOS and Android devices. According to Blizzard, the app brings “social features” from the portal to your phone or mobile device.

While you can chat using the app. and add friends, there’s nothing in it to keep track of stats, buy games, or whatever it is we can’t do on a regular messaging app. Here are the features announced so far.

Mobile Chat

Now it’s easier to coordinate play time, discuss strats, or just hang out and chat. When your friends are unavailable, chat history and notifications keep the conversation going.

Mobile Presence

You can see at a glance what your Blizzard friends are up to, so you know when it’s time to jump into a game.

Mobile Friending

Quickly add friends or accept friend requests right from your phone. You can also scan a QR code for easy in-person friending.

The app should be available worldwide, so check your corresponding app store for it. 

What features do you want Blizzard to add to its app? Are you downloading it or you don’t see any need for it for now?