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Free Hearthstone Card Packs Given Away by Blizzard to Celebrate Gifting Launch News 0

News 0 Blizzard’s digital storefront and games platform  has a few new social features, but three’s one that’s been a request by veteran users, and that’s “gifting.” If you don’t know what gifting is, it’s a way for players to send games, DLC or other digital stuff to their chosen friend or person as a gift.  […] Appear Offline, Groups, Profiles & More Tested in Beta Update News 0

News 0 Blizzard has released an updated beta version of, introducing new social features which can be used on the desktop app. The major additions are a new social tab, Blizzard groups, profiles and an appear offline mode.  Users are able to test all of these new features by opening the PC app, clicking on the […] Mobile App Released by Blizzard, Doesn’t Do Much News 0

News 0 Blizzard is joining the app bandwagon as there’s now a app available for both iOS and Android devices. According to Blizzard, the app brings “social features” from the portal to your phone or mobile device. While you can chat using the app. and add friends, there’s nothing in it to keep track of […]

Destiny 2 Won’t Come to Steam News 0

News 0 With Destiny 2 coming to PC, it’s understandable that some people might want to buy the game on Steam given the digital store platform’s popularity. While Activision announced that Destiny 2 will only be available on its own storefront, Destiny 1’s “Silver” currency popped up on Steam recently that got some people to snatch […]

Blizzard Rebrands for the Second Time News 0

News 0 You may remember back in March when Blizzard decided it was time to head towards a new chapter in its life by rebranding the iconic to simply Blizzard.  The change was met with sadness and reminiscing of the good ol’ days but was also met with confusion, as some found the rebrand to be unnecessary. […]

Authenticator By-Pass Now Active on StarCraft 2 News 2

News 2 Blizzard Entertainment has added support to Starcraft 2 this week for the authenticator by-pass feature. Players playing World of Warcraft may already be familiar with this optional feature which has been around for a while now. To anyone who is unfamiliar with what an authenticator does, it is a physical device (or mobile phone application) […]