Battleborn Servers Shutting Down on January 2021

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Remember Battleborn? Gearbox Software’s big Overwatch-killer (Overwatch competitor?)? In case you’re still playing it, your days are numbered. Publisher 2K Games has announced that the Battleborn servers will be shutting down come January 2021.

Battleborn has already been removed from digital storefront, and once February 2020 rolls in, players won’t be able to buy any premium currency for the game, since, y’know, it’s about to die. While Gearbox Software won’t be removing any features from Battleborn prior to its shutdown, once January 2021 rolls in, players won’t be able to play Battleborn in any way.

Given how Gearbox Software has already found success in Borderlands 3, and there’s the possiblity of the studio’s Brothers in Arms franchise making a comeback, I suspect we won’t be hearing anything about Battleborn in the near future — or at all.

Those still playing the hero shooter, play as much as you can now! You do have a full year to play it, but 12 months goes by fast, and before you know it, Battleborn will be Battledead.

Source: GameWatcher