Will I still be able to play Battleborn in any fashion (e.g. the single-player campaign, peer-to-peer games) after the servers go offline?

  • No, once the servers are offline on January 25, 2021, Battleborn won’t be playable in any way.

While a multiplayer-focused game not having servers kinda makes it pointless to play, gamers who purchased it should still be allowed to play it in one form or another, no? Mind, not sure if it matters, but if you’re one of the few Battleborn players who check the game out, well, you best do it now, as you have less than a month to do so.

Released back in 2016, Battleborn was a first-person hero shooter that unfortunately got trampled by Overwatch when it was released, and never recovered even if it transitioned to become a free-to-play title just a year after launch.