Battlefield 1 New Game Mode for the Week – Shock Operations

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Those playing Battlefield 5, you might not know (or know) that DICE’s previous Battlefield game — Battlefield 1 — is alive and kicking with weekly new game modes.

Today, the Battlefield 1 new game mode for the week is now live, and it’s Shock Operations! This was announced over on Twitter by DICE Producer Jaqub Ajmal:

Those not familiar with Shock Operations, here’s a brief description from the Battlefield fandom wiki page:

Shock Operations is a variant of the Operations gamemode featured in Battlefield 1 that was introduced in the Shock Operations Update in June 2018. Unlike normal Operations, Shock Operations is focused on one single map with support for up to 40 players for a smaller, shorter experience of the same sector-based, area objective gamemode.

We’ll keep an eye out for next week’s mode refresh, as well as any new info regarding Battlefield 1.

What mode do you want to see re-introduced in Battlefield 1? Let us know down in the comments.