Battlefield 2042 Best Controller Settings

battlefield 2042 best controller settings

For those enjoying Battlefield 2042 on consoles, specifically the PS5 and PS4 versions, here are the Battlefield 2042 best controller settings. These settings are guaranteed to give you the edge over your opponents with their intuitiveness, and to cap it off it’s sure to help you win more games in this latest shooter from DICE. Head down below for these settings.

Battlefield 2042 Best Controller Settings

Credits to MP1st friend TheTacticalBrit for these settings, and you can check out his full video on it below.



  • Dpad Up/Down (Vehicle Zoom)
  • Dpad Left/Right (Activate Equipment Slot 1 & 2)
  • Triangle (Switch Weapon)
  • Circle (Handbrake)
  • Square (Enter/Exit Vehicle)
  • Cross (Change Seat)
  • L1 (Fire)
  • R1 (Ping)
  • L2 (Brake)
  • R2 (Accelerate, Chat)
  • Share (Full Map)
  • Options (Menu/Scoreboard)
  • L3 (Boost)
  • R3 (Chase Camera)

On Foot

  • Soldier Controls (Custom)
  • Soldier Buttons (Alternate)


  • Ground Vehicle Driver Controls (Default)
  • Ground Vehicle Driver Buttons (Alternate)
  • Transport Vehicle Driver Controls (Default)
  • Transport Vehicle Driver Buttons (Alternate)


  • Air Pilot Controls (Default)
  • Air Pilot Buttons (Alternate)


  • Gunner Controls (Default)
  • Gunner Buttons (Alternate)


Global Controls

  • Invert Vertical Look for Soldier (OFF or preference)
  • Controller Vibration (Preference)



  • Soldier Aim Sensitivity (28; turned up for personal preference)
  • Invert Vertical Look for Soldier (OFF)
  • Field of View (90)
  • ADS Field of View (ON)
  • Soldier Aim Assist (90)
  • Soldier Aim Assist Zoom Snap (80)


  • Soldier Sprint (Toggle)
  • Double Tap Forward to Sprint (OFF)
  • Sprint Button (L3)
  • Sprint to Vault Over (OFF)
  • Always use Traversal Sprint (OFF)


  • Soldier Weapon Zoom (HOLD)
  • Zoom Button (L1)
  • Steady Scope (HOLD)
  • Steady Scope (HOLD) Button (L3)
  • Soldier Zoom Aim Sensitivity (100)


  • Parachute Auto Deploy (OFF)
  • Air Spawn Parachute Deploy (ON)
  • Quick Throw Grenades (OFF)
  • Revive Interaction (TOGGLE)
  • Request/skip Revive (HOLD)
  • Reload Hints (OFF)


  • Aiming left/right acceleration (8)
  • Vertical Aim Ratio (80)
  • Vertical Zoom Ratio (86)
  • Uniform Soldier Aiming (ON)
  • Coefficient (133)
  • Zoom Transition Sensitivity Smoothing (ON)
  • 1.00x Zoom Aim Sensitivity (100)



  • Vehicle Aim Sensitivity (28)
  • Invert Vertical Look for Tracked Vehicles (OFF)
  • Vehicle 3rd Person Field of View (88)
  • Tank Aim Sensitivity (100)
  • Gunner Aim Sensitivity (100)
  • Transport Vehicle Freelook Sensitivity (100)


  • Vehicle Weapon Zoom (HOLD)
  • Zoom gunner Keybind (LT)
  • Zoom vehicle Keybind (LT)
  • Zoom aircraft Keybind (LT)


  • Invert Vertical Look for Aircraft (ON)
  • Aircraft Control Sensitivity (70)
  • Helicopter Control Assists (OFF)


  • Aiming left/right acceleration (20)
  • Vertical Aim Ratio (80)
  • Vehicle Zoom Aim Ratio (80)
  • Uniform Vehicle Aiming (ON)
  • Coefficient (133)
  • Vehicle aim-relative controls (ON)


Haptic Feedback

  • Controller Vibration (ON)

Controller Left Stick

  • Center Deadzone (7)
  • Axia Deadzon (0)
  • Max Input Threshold (100)

Controller Right Stick

  • Center Deadzone (7)
  • Axia Deadzon (0)
  • Max Input Threshold (100)

Controller Triggers

  • LT Deadzone (0)
  • LT Max Input Threshold (100)

Try and use these settings in-game on console and let us know of your results!

We have a TON more info regarding Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal up on the site, and you can check this out over on our Battlefield hub!

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