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Those playing Battlefield 2042, it’s no secret that the game has quite a number of issues and bugs that needs to be addressed. If you’re looking for a checklist of sorts, DICE has updated the Battlefield 2042 known issues list for January 2022!

Note that this is NOT the complete list of bugs and fixes DICE is working on, and it doesn’t mean that if it’s not there, that the devs aren’t working on it. Got that? Good. Check out the list below.

Battlefield 2042 Known Issues (Updated January 2022):

Live Service Alerts

Loadouts / All Platforms – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

    • We are aware that some players are having issues where Loadouts are sometimes empty on the deployment screen. We have resolved some occurrences with Update 3.1, and are continuing to investigate further community reports to mitigate this further.

Aim Down Sight Issue / All Platforms – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • We are aware that players are sometimes unable to aim down sights (ADS) or look in certain directions shortly after exiting vehicles. A fix for this issue is scheduled for a future game update.

Renewal / Xbox One & PlayStation 4 – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • We’re seeing decreased stability for players on Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 when playing on Renewal. As a temporary measure, we’ve removed this map from rotations on affected platforms. We’ll keep you updated once we’re adding it back in.

Cross-Play Matchmaking – All Platforms – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • We are aware that some players are unable to matchmake consistently into  All-Out Warfare matches when turning off cross-play.
  • Workaround – we can confirm turning on cross-play temporarily will allow you to matchmake successfully while we investigate a fix for letting you turn it off again.

Challenge Rewards – All Platforms – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • Challenge progress and reward unlocks continue to show an incomplete progression bar until the game has been restarted
  • Workaround – Restart your game to update your challenge progress and/or unlock the reward. A fill fix is still planned for a future game update

Missing Weekly Mission Goals – All Platforms – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • We are aware that some players are unable to complete Weekly Missions because they don’t see all three goals displayed. A fix is planned for a future game update.
  • Support – If you’re unable to receive the reward and are experiencing this issue, please contact EA Help for further assistance in gaining content you may be missing.

Unable to Load Persistence Data – All Platforms – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • Through multiple server fixes we have been actively working to mitigate “Unable to Load Persistence Data” related errors. However, some players are still impacted by instances of this issue, such as 15-7A. We continue working on further improvements for this issue overall.

Hazard Zone End of Round Squad Overview – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • Specialists currently aren’t visible during the Hazard Zone End of Round Squad overview sequence.

DirectX Driver Errors – PC – AWARE 20/01 @ 08:00 AM UTC

  • We continue to assess and work towards improving instances of DirectX Driver Error crashes taking place within Battlefield 2042. If you are experiencing this issue please report them within the Technical Issues section of AHQ.

General Alerts

Performance / All Platforms

  • We are aware that game performance is currently not meeting your expectations while playing Battlefield 2042.
  • Our teams continue to analyze the data available to us and are developing further optimizations that enable the game to make the best use of your hardware. In every game update, we’ll be delivering changes big and small that aim to tackle the issues and improve your experience.

For those having issues with revives if players are obstructed by an object, DICE is aware of this, too, and one of the community managers of the game confiremd that they are hoping this gets included in the list by next week.

As for upcoming patches, DICE has announced that one is incoming this “mid to late” February, which will include a scoreboard update! Read up on that right here.

Source: EA Answers

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