Battlefield 2042 Map Comparison From Past Battlefields Revealed, Different Time Concepts Explored

battlefield 2042 map comparison

With Battlefield 2042 confirmed to feature 128-player battles, that must mean that the maps are way bigger than anything we’ve ever seen in past Battlefield games, right? As it turns out, that’s quite an understatement, as DICE has given a Battlefield 2042 map comparison to past titles in the franchise, and the size differences are just massive!

During today’s first Battlefield Briefing devstream, DICE Design Director Daniel Berlin! and other devs shared an image of a quick comparison image of BF 2042’s maps compared to other large maps in the franchise. You thought Caspian Border was big? Yeah, it’s about 30-40 percent smaller compared to Manifest!

DICE also shared another comparison image, and this one was for Breakaway, which dwarfed Battlefield 1942’s El Alamein!

In the same devstream, DICE also revealed that the studio discussed other timelines before deciding on the near-future one we got in 2042! DICE shared that they looked at 12 different concepts for Battlefield 2021, and looked at concepts in history in the past, into the far future before deciding to go with near-future that is what we have now.

Speaking of maps, go check out the info on all seven maps coming at launch!

Stay tuned, as while we didn’t get any new gameplay, there were a lot more info shared in today’s stream.

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