Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 Gun Guide

battlefield 2042 pbx-45

Enjoying Battlefield 2042 so far? If so, we have quite a few guides up that may help you enjoy it all the more. In this one, we take a look at the PBX-45, one of the submachine guns in Battlefield 2042, and how it stacks against other weapons in the same class.

Special thanks to Sorang for her comprehensive testing for this guide.

Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 Gun Guide:


Base = 26 ~ 22 ~ 18

Headshots = 52~ 44 ~ 36

Fire rate = 800 RPM

“I checked my stats before the game and know my bullets… Why didn’t he go down after 3 shots?! That should be way more than his entire health…” Because the Fire Power stat is a lie, my friend.

Fire Power is a combination of, like… velocity and range and…. Look, it’s a number the developers just came up with, honestly. I’m not sure why they weren’t more straight forward with the stat, but just because the Fire Power is a certain number, doesn’t mean your gun does that damage.

2. BTK (Bullets to kill)
Armor Base 1 Headshot 2 Headshots
Base 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 5 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 4
Armor Plate 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 6 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 5

One Armor Plate adds 20 Health to an Infantry, giving you 120 Health in total.

The specialist Irish has 10 bonus Armor, meaning adding an Armor Plate gives a 130 Health

As you can see on the chart above, Headshots can help at any range.

3. Range

10m ~ 20m ~ 40m

The range on PBX-45 is actually shorter than PP-29’s.

MP9 on the other hand has a shorter first range radius, but a longer max range radius.

4. TTK (Time to kill)
Armor Base 1 Headshot 2 Headshots
Base 225ms ~ 300ms ~ … 150ms ~ 225ms ~ … 75ms ~ 150ms ~ …
Armor Plate 300ms ~ 375ms ~ … 225ms ~ 300ms ~ … 150ms ~ 225ms ~ …

TTK for this gun is just okay. Quite mediocre. It starts to fall off a lot once you get beyond the first damage radius, especially against an Armor Plated enemy.

5. Recoil

PBX-45’s recoil is highly controllable, but the bullets bounce horizontally a lot. Even though it’s not ideal for an SMG, if you decide to use this gun for mid-range combat, you’ll need some horizontal recoil attachments.

6. Attachments
  • Silencer – Even though it says that the silencer decreases the range, that’s not entirely true. At any range, the silencer reduces damage by 10%. It does reduce the range, but only the first range radius. From 10m to 5m. There are two kinds of silencers in the game, but they work exactly the same. You can choose whichever one you like the look of more .
  • High Power Ammunition – High Power Ammunition doesn’t increase the first damage radius, but the second and third go up by 10m. Making it 10m~30m~50m.
  • Close Combat Ammunition – I recommend this ammunition a lot. It says it reduces the gun’s effective range, and in return adds recoil control, reload speed, and rate of fire. But the range it knocks off is only from the max range, and just from 40m to 30m. When you think about it, over 30m is already not an ideal distance for any SMG, and that’s not why we play those guns in the first place. The increased Fire Rate reduces TTK by a lot, and the other bonuses are nice too.
7. Recommended Build
  • An optic of your choice
  • Close Combat Ammunition
  • +Accuracy While Moving / +Hipfire Accuracy
  • + Horizontal Recoil Control / Silencer

Again, big thanks to Sorang for this guide. Check her out on Twitter here.

Don’t forget, there’s a new patch that went out today that included gameplay-related changes! Check it out here.

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