Battlefield 2042 Rubberbanding Issue Occuring on “Our” Side DICE Acknowledges, Devs Investigating

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For those playing Battlefield 2042, are you experiencing some hard rubberbanding issues? Well, if you are, it’s not your internet, as DICE has acknowledged the Battlefield 2042 rubberbanding issues, and admits that it is on them hence why this is happening.

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Over on Twitter, the newly started official Battlefield Direct Communication account has confirmed this with a couple of tweets with one acknowledging the issue, while the other has an announcement that the Proximity Sensor is temporarily being disabled today for two hours.

We have spent our day investigating the reported instances of Rubber Banding that most commonly appear on All-Out Warfare

⚠ This is an issue occurring on our side, and we’re all over it

Thanks for helping report this to us. We’ll keep you updated on our Known Issues page Page

For the next two hours, we are temporarily disabling the Prox Sensor to aid us with our investigations on the Rubber Banding issue

This is a Throwable slot gadget that is unlocked at Soldier Rank 22

Please adjust your loadouts. We’ll be back in two hours with an update

Hopefully, this gets sorted as soon as possible, as it can really get annoying having to deal with it. This isn’t the only issue DICE has encountered at launch however, as the studio has laid out an entire list of issues that are being worked on currently by the studio.

Are you experiencing this rubberbanding issue? How do you work around it? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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