Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions, Battle Pass Rewards for Season 1 Week 4 Listed (June 30)

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions season 1 week 4

For  those looking forward to the new stuff in Battlefield 2042, it’s live now! MP1st is here to bring players the Battlefield 2042 weekly missions and store refresh for June 28! Check out the official Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Week 4 weekly missions, Battle Pass rewards and Featured Experiences!

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions, Battle Pass Rewards for Season 1 Week 4:

Week 4 Missions

2 Objectives Captured or Neutralized (4 pts)
5 Kills and Assists with the BSV-M (4 pts)
3 Combat or Intel Ribbons Earned (4 pts)

Available After 2 Missions Completed

30 Enemies Spotted with the Prox Sensor or OV-P Recon Drone (5 pts)
10 Teammates Revived while in Smoke (5 pts)
30 Kills and Assists as Casper, Rao, or Paik (5 pts)

Available After 4 Missions Completed

5 Kills with Primary Weapons in One Life (6 pts)
30 Enemies hit with EMP Grenades or the OV-P Recon Drones EMP Blast. (6 pts)

20 Kills and Revives – Bonus Mission (10 pts)


Battle Pass Rewards for Season 1 Week 4

The items that can be reasonably unlocked by most players on the Battle Pass this week!

12M Auto | Weapon Skin – Copper Craft (Tier 039)
Irish | Specialist Skin – Staff Sergeant (Tier 041)
M5A3 | Weapon Charm – Damocles (Tier 047)
K30 | Weapon Skin – Stinger (Tier 055)

Featured Experiences


Exposure Rush 24/7 – Rush, but only Exposure Rush!
Flashback Conquest
2042 Team Deathmatch


FridayNightBattlefield Limited Time Experience!

That’s about it! Tune in next Thursday for the next Battlefield 2042 weekly store refesh and weekly missions! 

Thanks, Kevin Johnson!

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