Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions Disabled Due to Russia-Ukraine Conflict; Feedback Loop News Hitting Next Week

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions

If you’re looking to complete the Battlefield 2042 weekly mission to earn the reward and can’t seem to find this week’s challenge in-game, it’s not you. DICE has disabled the BF2042 weekly missions due to the on-going Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Here’s the announcement straight from the developers:

For those wondering whether this week’s mission and reward will come back next week once the challenges resume, DICE Community Manager Adam Freeman has confirmed that it’ll be a different challenge and reward.

Freeman has also mentioned that the dev team will be talking about whether this particular reward will be making its way back into the rotation in the future.

Remember when DICE said that they were going to be more transparent regarding issues the game has, and on feedback? It looks like we’ll be hearing more about that next week, too!

For those who want to keep track of it, it looks like the announcement or info drop will be dropping on Wednesday, March 2.

Finally, for those wondering whether we’ll be getting a survey or something, Freeman has confirmed it won’t be survey-based, but rather, it’ll be feedback on what people’s experience and thoughts are of the game.

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