Battlefield 3: Aftermath Assignments, Trophies and Achievements With Upcoming Camo Unlocks

With Battlefield 3’s Aftermath expansion pack just around the corner, we’ve got more information which details upcoming weapon camos as well as assignments and achievements/trophies we can be sure to look forward completing once Aftermath hits in only a few weeks.

First up, we’re taking a look at the ten assignments that Aftermath is set to include:

Aftermath Assignments

Archery 101

  • Objective: Get 5 Xbow kills
  • Reward: Oldschool

William Tell

  • Objectives: Total of 150 meters headshots with the XBOW, Get 50 kills with the XBOW
  • Reward: William Tell

Sticks and Stones

  • Objective: Win three rounds of Scavenger
  • Reward: Xbow

It’s Okay To Thank Me

  • Objective: Get 20 Spot Assists, Designate 10 Vehicles, Get 1 Designated Assist
  • Reward: Scan Bolt

This Is My Boom Stick

  • Objective: Get 50 Carbine Kills, 50 Assault Rifle Kills
  • Reward: Squeezing The Trigger

Stay Away From My Tent

  • Objective: Get 50 kills with Sniper Rifles, 10 Headshot kills with sidearm
  • Reward: Balanced Bolt

Go play Close Quarters

  • Objective: Total of 150 Meters With Sniper Rifles, Total of 150 Meters With Assault Rifles, Total of 150 Meters With Carbine
  • Reward: Xbow Scoped

A Good Demo Man

  • Objective: Get 5 Kills With hand Grenades, Get 5 Kills With Underslung Grenade, Get 5 Kills With C4
  • Reward: HE Bolt

Riding Shotgun

  • Objective: Get 5 Kills in Modified Humvee, Get 5 Kills In Modified Vodnik, Get 5 Kills In Van
  • Reward: Grease Monkey

On Top Of The Richter Scale

  • Objective: Play 1 Hour of Epicenter, Play 1 Hour of Markaz Monolith, Play 1 Hour of Talah Market, Play 1 Hour of Azadi Palace, Pick Up 200 Weapons In Scavenger
  • Reward: Quake Survivor


For those interested in Achievements/Trophies, check out the Aftermath Trophy list down below:

Aftermath Trophies

  • Handyman – Unlocked all xbow parts (Bronze)
  • Bite Your Finger – Found the secret reptile (Silver)
  • Home Made Javelin – Destroyed an enemy vehicle using the xbow (Bronze)
  • Pocket Full of Death – Without dying, got a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade (Silver)
  • Extreme Hoarder – Picked up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode (Bronze)

Thanks, Exophase.

But that’s not all. One of our community members, Agugagaga, has also stumbled upon the lists of camo’s that Battlefield 3 Premium members will receive come December and January:

Upcoming Camos for Battlefield 3 Premium Members


  • M416: Woodland Stripe camo.
  • ACW-R: Digital Woodland camo.
  • M240B: Woodland Oak camo.
  • JNG-90: Navy Blue Digital camo.
  • PP-19: Desert Stripe camo.


  • M416: Airman camo.
  • ACW-R: Tactical camo.
  • M240B: Desert Stripe camo.
  • JNG-90: Berkut camo.
  • PP-19: Digital Woodland camo.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath launches November 27th for PS3 Premium members and December 4th for PC and Xbox 360 Premium members. For those who aren’t Premium members, you can expect to be able to purchase Aftermath for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft points on December 11th for PS3 players and December 18th for PC and Xbox 360 users.

Learn more about all four Aftermath maps right here!

Which assignment are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below!

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