Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Achievements And Trophies Revealed

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The Battlefield 3: Armored Kill release is just around the corner and with a recent game achievement update on the Xbox 360, the latest achievements and presumably trophies have all been revealed.

The upcoming Armored Kill expansion pack is set to bring in 5 new achievements/trophies, which bumps up the total to 53 achievements (1,360 gamer points) and 54 trophies. The achievement/trophy list for Armored Kill can be found just below:

From the looks of things, these achievements/trophies seem a lot easier than the other DLC expansion packs that have been released thus far. There are also no secret achievement to boggle our minds, such as the ones found in Back To Karkand and the recently released Close Quarters expansion pack.

Armored Kill is slated for a September 4th release on the Playstation 3 for Premium members and September 11th for the XBOX360/PC Premium members. PS3 non-Premium members can expect it on September 18th. Finally, non-Premium Xbox360/PC members will be able to download it September 25th.

After checking out the Armored Kill achievements/trophies, which one will you go after first? Leave your answer in the comment section below. If you’re craving some breathtaking Armored Kill videos, feel free to look at our Alborz Mountain article.

Thanks to our community members Agugagaga and our fellow writer PR0Tential for the tip and pics.