Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Alborz Mountain Flythrough Video, Best Looking Map Yet

DICE Senior Environment Artist, Andrew Hamilton gives BF3 players a look at the hard work that he has done for the upcoming Armored Kill Map, Alborz Mountains.

[youtube id=”mHBJXq9kano” width=”600″ height=”350″]

With Armored Kill having a strong focus on the environment, we wanted to truly hand craft each and every square inch of their kilometres of natural landscape for players to explore, which was no easy feat. While we created convincing and believable environments on all four levels through thoughtful placement of natural elements – understanding how mountains are formed, where water flows down their surfaces carrying sediment and deposits at their base – we didn’t want it to all simply feel like window dressing. We want players to feel immersed in these environments. We set out to achieve this through a combined effort of art, audio and effects.

He said in his latest post,

I for one have been eager to release some truly large maps, so being able to really push what we are capable of sprinkling across such large expanses has been a fun challenge, not only in terms of density and detail of the environment, but also its believability and uniqueness.

Some of the key things when creating the maps of Armored Kill included:

  • Push the quality from up close macro details right out to far distant mountains.
  • Make the levels feel even more expansive and immerse players in a living world.
  • Tune the terrain creation process to further utilise its unique features.



You’ll be able to read the full blog post about how they approached these maps here.

Are you excited to wreak havoc on the snow-covered Alborz Mountain?

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