Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Dev on Tank Destroyers, Mobile Artillery and More

Get the lowdown on some of the brand new vehicles that Battlefield 3: Armored Kill will be introducing this September, including the new tank destroyer and mobile artillery classes. DICE lead designer Niklas Fegraeus details these machines of war.

Fegraeus states, while speaking to VG247, that Bandar Desert, the biggest map in the Battlefield franchise, takes place along the coast of a body of water not too far a way from a luxurious city under construction. He explains that here will be the focal point of most of the battles on this map as well as the artillery base which will provide a clear view of  the city.

When asked about some of the new vehicles, such as the tank destroyer and mobile artillery, Fegraeus first explained that the new tank destroyer vehicles will feature more firepower and mobility then the bulkier MBT, but in exchange for less armor.

As for the mobile artillery, it will feature long range fighting capability and decent firepower, but it will pale in comparision with the other vehicles in terms of armor and mobility. In order to rain down missiles, the mobile artillery will have to be stationary, which will also make it a big target if it is not a considerable distance away from all the action.

In addition to more vehicles being included in Armored Kill, DICE will also be adding an array of upgrades which can be used with the vehicles currently found in the game.

If you missed the latest Armored Kill gameplay trailer, be sure to check it out right here. You can also learn more about the gameplay and level design right here.

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