Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 Achievements Hint At New Game Mode

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A list of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 achievements have been outed hinting at a new Battlefield 3 game mode called “Gun Master.” Close Quarters is just around the corner and is said to release along side Battlefield Premium June 4th.

PS3 Trophies have yet been revealed but it’s safe to assume that the titles and descriptions would match the 360 achievements. Check out the list below courtesy of

Dominator: Win a round in Conquest Domination – 20G

Deadly Tools: Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher – 30G

Show of Force: Get 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons – 30G

Man of Calibre: Complete a round of Gun Master – 20G

Secret Achievement – 20G

The second to last one, Man of Calibre, is particularly interesting as it suggests, perhaps, a new of game mode on top of the previously announced Conquest Domination.

DICE will be performing maintenance on the Battlelog June 4th, most likely in preparation for Close Quarters.

What do you think “Gun Master” could be? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!