“Battlefield 3 is One of the Best Looking Games Ever” – Nvidia CM

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Kris Rey, Nvidia’s Community Manager, has nothing but high praise for the graphics of Battlefield 3.

Recently, Kris Rey interviewed DICE’s Patrick Liu at PAX. Kris started off the interview with a very bold statement when he said “Battlefield 3 looks amazing. It’s one of the best looking games ever.” Liu, in response, shed some light on what makes Battlefield 3 the visual spectacle it is. Liu said “We’ve developed Frostbite 2 now since Frostbite 1. We added a ton of stuff. We basically rewrote a lot of the rendering from scratch. We added different rendering. Real time radiosity on the PC, it produces amazing in-door lighting. [For] the scale of the maps, we implemented new streaming technology, so we make bigger maps than we have ever been able to before.” Rey said that one of the most impressive things about Battlefield 3 is the use of volumetric smoke and fog.

I can’t disagree with Kris, Battlefield 3 does look phenomenal on PC, but I wonder how the console versions will turn out. In terms of graphics, PS3 is getting Uncharted 3 the sequel to one of the most beautiful console games ever, in my opinion. On the flip slide, Gears of War 3 comes out in a couple of weeks for Xbox 360. Will battlefield 3 look better than those exclusives?

I guess we have to wait and see, but I think that gameplay comes first then graphics. Meaning that how a game controls is more important than how it looks.

You will get to experience the beauty of Battlefield 3 first hand on all platforms, some time this month.

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