Battlefield 3 July 4th PC Server Update Notes

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Battlefield 3 players on the PC may have noticed a few little tweaks yesterday, July 4th.

DICE recently rolled out server update R27, which addressed a number of issues listed below as seen on the Battlelog:

  • You can no longer revive someone who has switched team while being dead. This prevents a case where soldiers would be resurrected into the new team while still wearing the old team’s uniform.
  • The “invisible boats” problem is fixed. We had something similar in BFBC2, and the same solution was applicable in BF3.
  • You can no longer equip the M320 Smoke grenade launcher to the underslung rail on the AUG 7. This prevents the AUG getting insanely high bullet velocity (and therefore, no discernible bullet drop).
Don’t forget about Battlefield 3’s double XP event going on right now until the 8th of July.

Thanks, Rubén Santana.