Battlefield 3 Premium Competition and Dog Tag Challenge Now Live

All your base are belong to DICE.

Battlefield 3 Premium members enjoying the newest addition to the DLC family, Aftermath, can now enter into the latest Premium competition which tasks players with capturing and defending the most bases in the brand new Scavenger mode. DICE writes that the “15 top players who capture and defend the most bases in Scavenger mode will win a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3.”

There are a few steps to go through in order to sign up, so make sure to check out the full details right here.

Note that the competition runs the 72 hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 14-16. To find out the exact starting time in your location, click this link. All four of Aftermath’s maps will be included in this competition. Winners will be notified via email and will be posted on the Battlelog shortly after the end of the competition.

DICE hasn’t forgotten about everyone else, however. Open to all players, Premium or not, DICE has issued the challenge to the community to reach 100 million base captures collectively within the duration of one week, starting today. All platforms are combined for this competition.

If the goal is met, all will unlock the “Good Riddance” dog tag.

BF3 Dog Tag

The challenge ends December 20 23:55 UTC. If you’re wondering what exactly is meant by “base captures,” DICE has clarified that it includes any captures in game modes like Conquest, Conquest Assault, Conquest Domination as well as the new Scavenger mode.

Between both competitions, that’s a lot of base captures. So, time pull up those pants and get to work!

If you haven’t yet. Make sure to read up on our full review of Battlefield 3: Aftermath right here.

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