Battlefield 3 Premium Competition and New Assignments Inbound

With most of November’s Battlefield 3 Premium content having already been delivered, fans can forward to a brand new competition this weekend exclusive to Premium members as well as some new assignments.

Starting tomorrow, November 22, Premium members “who rack up the most base captures will receive a limited edition lithograph from Battlefield 3,” according to the latest Battlelog news.

DICE also writes “the competition runs the 72 hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 23-25. Note that we use the UTC time zone to decide start and end times. Click this link to see when the start time corresponds to in your time zone. Technically, the competition will start already on Thursday evening November 22 if you are located on the west coast of America, for example.”

Got all that? To sign up and read up on all the details, head on over to the Battlelog.

Additionally, the Battlelog now lists a set of five brand new Battlefield 3 assignments and dog tags, also exclusive to Premium members only. None of these items are currently found in-game, but will most likely be made available this weekend along with the competition.

Check them out below:


  • Get 25 knife kills
  • Get 50 kills with the SCAR-H
  • Get 50 kills with the SCAR-L

Fire In The Hole!

  • Destroy 20 pieces of enemy equipment with the M67 grenade
  • Get 50 kills with the AT launchers

Combat Medic

  • Revive 100 team mates
  • Revive 100 squad mates
  • Get 200 team heals
  • Get 200 squad heals


  • Get 20 kills in one round
  • Get 10 kills without dying
  • Get 5 multi-kills

Silent Hunter

  • Get 50 kills with silenced MP443
  • Get 100 kills with the AS-VAL

Which assignment are you going for first?

Next month, December, the bulk of us will be receiving Battlefield 3’s latest expansion pack, Aftermath, along with some brand new assignments, dog tags, trophies/achievements and new weapon campos.

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