Battlefield 3 Premium Double XP Weekend Now Live, Score 200 Billion Points For “Forever A Noob?” Dog Tag

It’s time to earn some double XP on the Battlefield.

DICE is holding yet another double XP weekend event for Battlefield 3 premium members, doubling your score on all ranked servers accross all maps and game modes on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC for 72 hours.

Start times are as follows. Use this tool to convert times to your area.

Los Angeles

02:00 March 18


10:00 March 18


18:00 March 18

Additinally, DICE is has also announced the final Battlefield 3 dog tag community challenge. If all players can collectively reach 200,000,000,000 in score by the end of Sunday, March 17, this St. Patrick’s day, DICE will unlock the new “Forever a Noob?” dog tag for all players.


Don’t forget, we currently have an End Game server up and running on the Xbox 360, so if that happens to be your gaming weapon of choice, make sure to head on over for some mixed modes on all End Game maps. Details here.

See you on the Battlefield for what could be Battlefield 3’s last Premium double XP weekend, if not last community dog tag challenge event!

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