Battlefield 3 Premium November Bonus Content Available Now

As stated in the premium calendar, today, DICE has released the November bonus content for every Battlefield 3 Premium member, including a little extra for console gamers.

New Platoon emblems and soldier profile images

The first thing mentioned is a bunch of Premium exclusive Platoon decals which players will be able to use while creating a Platoon’s emblem, as well as 8 exclusive soldier images to make your profile even more exclusive!

For anyone visiting Battlelog, we have included a batch of new Premium exclusive Platoon decals  that you can use when building or updating your Platoon emblem. We have also added 8 new soldier profile images that you can use with your Battlelog account. The new decals and soldier images will all be marked with the Premium “P” and are available to use now.

New Premium Aftermath Avatars

New Aftermath Wallpapers

Time to change your computer or phone’s wallpaper to these awesome exclusive wallpapers based on Aftermath’s maps.

We have put together a set of 8 wallpapers from the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3: Aftermath. You can find them in the bonus content section here on Battlelog.

Console Bonus Drop

This time, Premium console members get an additional extra with this bonus drop. The extra content is a theme for either console (Xbox 360 or Playstation 3).

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Premium members also have an additional small bonus item waiting for them. Please refer to your in-game Premium calendar for more details.

Did you like this month’s bonus content? Have you discovered what’s the little surprise for console gamers? Post your comments below!

Source: Battlelog

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