Battlefield 3 Premium Pops Up On PSN Store, Not For Sale Yet

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Earlier today, Battlefield 3 Premium banners have turned up on PSN stores in some territories, confirming the logo of the recently leaked fact sheet.

It seems that the rumored Battlefield 3 Premium fact sheet might be real, as MP1st readers SchwartzJesuz and H’m have posted images of Battlefield 3 Premium PSN banners on our forums. The Battlefield 3 Premium logo displayed in the PSN banner is identical to the fact sheet’s, in a way adding to its’ legitimacy.

The Premium banner was seen on the Danish PSN Store (399 Danish Kroner) and the Australian Store ($79.95 AUD). Also, British readers are reporting a £39.99 price tag shown on the British PSN store. The leaked fact sheet listed Premium to cost $49.99 USD/4000 Microsoft Points.

Battlefield 3 Premium is not on sale at the moment, users receive the following message when it is selected, “This content is not available on your current account.”

We expect EA to reveal Battlefield 3 Premium at its E3 2012 presser on Monday, June 4th. You can find more info on where you can watch the livestream through here.