Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch Timing, Private Server Info and Surprise Features In Store for BF3 Fans

Global Community Manager Daniel Matros and Senior Designer Gustav Halling have provided some information regarding the upcoming Battlefield 3 PS3 patch as well more news on private servers.

PS3 owners will be able to look forward to the Battlefield 3 early tomorrow morning. Matros stated on his twitter account: “Maintenance and client update coming in for PS3 Tomorrow at 9-10:30 UTC (11-12:30 CET).” For our Western readers, this means between 5am-6:30am EST or 2am-3:30am PST.

Additionally, private servers will be available to rent the moment the patch is released, but only a limited number. Halling clarified, “PS3 players will be able to buy [servers] tomorrow but we are doing a ‘soft launch’ so limited amount. Next week we are at full capacity!” He also stated that these servers “can be both ranked and private. Ranked server however have a few enforced rules you can’t change.”

On the Battlefield 3 UK forums, Halling also teased at an upcoming surprise for tomorrow. He mentioned, “we are only talking about the patch going out to PS3 tomorrow, not upcoming patches, but we may talk about features that will be enabled shortly also the coming weeks that needs more testing or preparation from our side in the backend.” He continued, “I know many people want 1 big thing that has been discussed for a while and I think you guys will be happy for that change I made.”

Before this, he teased something similar in our earlier report, saying “PS3 players will probably notice some of the things that aren’t in the patch notes on tuesday.”

What do you think this feature might be? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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