Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Now Live, Fix for Heat Seekers and TV-missiles on PS3 and 360

DICE has released latest Battlefield 3 patch for Xbox 360 bringing a slew of fixes and tweaks. Also, there will be a server side fix for both Xbox 360 and PS3 to iron out problems with heat seekers and TV-missles.

Update: Gustav Halling has asked via Twitter, “PS3 and Xbox players, is there any improvement with heatseekers on any servers? It can take time before they are running the new software.” This indicates that the server side fixes for consoles mentioned below have begun rolling out.

Once you fire up Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360, you will be greeted to a 172MB mandatory update. This patch seems to lay down the ground work for the major patch that you will be prompted to download at the main menu in form of a free Xbox LIVE Marketplace transaction. The patch, which is named “Rent a Server Update” will set you back 1.02GB in memory (excluding the 172MB prior).

You can find the official patch notes here, and the unannounced changes here.

The server rentals pricing in Microsoft points:

  • 1 day 120 MSP ($1.49)
  • 7 days 560 MSP ($6.99)
  • 30 days  2000 MSP ($24.99)
  • 90 days 4800 MSP ($59.99)

Along with today’s patch for Xbox 360, all three platform (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360) will be getting a server side fix for a couple of issues (only on consoles). The official Battlefield twitter account  stated that the server update to take place between 8 am UTC (4 am EST/1 am PST) and 4 pm UTC (12pm EST/4am PST). During this time, “you may be kicked from your game, but should be able to rejoin.” Gustav Halling explained, “we are rolling out a server-fix for Heat seekers and TV-missiles bugs today.” He went on to explain how TV-missiles are being tweaked, “we are nerfing it down, it was not intentional to 1-hit kill all 100% healthy vehicles in the game.” However, he noted, “Small notice. The server side fixes today is consoles only. PC will follow shortly since they have their own update days.”

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