Battlefield 4 – DICE Wants Your Help To Identify PlayStation 4 Crashes

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DICE is looking for your assistance in targeting the cause of a common crash seen in the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4.

Though the game recently received an update on the PS4 that looked into resolving a “large amount” of client crashes, the studio is still looking for the root of the “CE-34878-0 crash” error that you might have seen pop up now and again.

“We know that players on PS4 can get the “CE-34878-0 crash” error message,” writes “Trydling” in a recent Battlelog update. “This is in fact a general error code that you can receive when the game has crashed for a number of different reasons that are not related.”

How you can help is actually pretty simple and doesn’t require a ton of effort.

“You can help us to identify these individual issues by providing a few details in the crash report (we read all of them),” he adds. “For example what game mode you were playing and on what map you crashed. Doing this will help us a lot to reproduce the issues and investigate fixes for them in upcoming patches.”

So, perhaps keep that in mind the next time you come across the error.