Battlefield 4 – Hainan Resort Exploding Ship Easter Egg Discovered

Though the hunt for Battlefield 4’s elusive Megalodon may have withered to a close, the Battlefield community isn’t left entirely empty-handed.

Earlier, additional clues led ambitious easter egg hunters to discover a special T-rex surprise on Rogue Transmission in the form of an audio easter egg that can be heard by anyone on the server once it is activated. It was a tricky one to dig up, but the results are worth the effort, especially if you’re a fan of Jurassic Park.

Today, in the pursuit for more, the Battlefield 4 community delivers on yet another amazing find. YouTube personality Jack Frags showcases a rather explosive easter egg on the map Hainan Resort, originally hinted at by Battlefield 4 developer Aleksander Grøndal.

Check it out in the video above. Special credit goes to “SZU1985” for figuring this one out!

Another take from our own “BOSS JEDIZOHAN”:

[youtube id=”5pvhmBUOp24″]

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