Battlefield 4 – New Battlelog and Server Updates Available, Notes

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The Battlelog is getting a new update today that fixes a few bugs, adds a few new features, and introduces support for Battlefield 4’s upcoming multiplayer expansion, Naval Strike, as well as the new ranks.

There are also a few updates to the recently introduced Platoons. Similarly, a new server update addresses missing audio in Squad/Team Deathmatch when playing on high ticket Ranked Servers, and introduces a fix for vehicleSpawnDelay and roundTimeLimit being part of presets locked settings. Check out the full update notes below:

March 11 Battlelog Update


  • Naval Strike content is now available on Battlelog in most areas, so you can see upcoming weapons, assignments, etc. This also includes support for rank 111 to 120

Features & Improvements

  • Platoon founders (only the original founder) can now change the name of their Platoon
  • Platoon leaders and founders can now cancel invites that have been sent
  • We now show a cogwheel/gear icon instead of the report icon in Platoons, if you are a member
  • The details box for Platoon Battle Reports will now follow on page scroll
  • Recommended Servers will now never include servers that contain less than 10 players
  • Sounds for new Battle Reports and Mission notifications will now no longer be heard, when you’re playing multiplayer (since it was redundant)


  • Fixed an issue with the Live Scoreboard not loading for the new game servers that went live last week
  • Fixed an issue where Battlelog Soldier Portraits wouldn’t be available after unlock for soldiers that had stats transferred from a current-gen to a next-gen console
  • Fixed an issue where Mission Dog Tags wouldn’t unlock after the requirements had been met
  • Fixed an issue where tracking a Suggestion in the in-game Battlelog on PC, PS4 or Xbox One caused the progress bar to reset to zero
  • An assignment will now always show all criteria as completed, if the assignment itself has been completed
  • Fixed an issue where the details bar on the Awards page would sometimes have broken positioning
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an emblem for a soldier that uses a Platoon emblem would take you to your own emblem page instead of the Platoon page
  • Clicking a BF4 Platoon notification in the BF3 or MOHW section will now correctly redirect you to the BF4 section
  • Various smaller fixes and tweaks for Platoons
  • Various other minor fixes

R29 Server Update

  • Fix for missing audio on Squad/Team Deathmatch when playing on high ticket Ranked Servers
  • Fix for vehicleSpawnDelay and roundTimeLimit being part of presets locked settings