Battlefield 4 – Premium Double XP Event On For This Weekend, Stress Test PS4 Servers

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Battlefield 4 Premium Subscribers can look forward to 48 hours of double XP this weekend.

The event, exclusive to Premium subscribers, begins tomorrow, Saturday, January 25 at 2AM PDT / 10AM UTC.

Meanwhile, users on the PlayStation 4 will have a unique chance this Sunday, January 26, to participate in some server stress testing with DICE developers.

The studio posted in a recent blog update that they are looking to test servers to “make potential performance improvements in the future.”

“Note that since this is a dedicated stress test, we are running a few diagnostic tools in the background that might impact server performance. “

Here are the details, if you’re interested in taking part:

Server name: DICE – Servertest – Logging [] (Search for these in the server browser to find and join them)
Start time: 20:00 CET/11:00 PST [] (Click link to see corresponding time where you live)
End Time: 22:00 CET/13:00 PST
Platform: PS4
Map: Lancang Dam
Mode: Conquest Large
Gameplay: Just play as normal. If you wants to share a video afterwards with any gameplay issues that occur during this session, that would be great.
What we are testing: We are stress testing the servers. Performance might be sub-par compared to regular play.