Battlefield 4 R20 Server Update Reportedly Breaks Spawns, R21 Rumored To Be Incoming Tomorrow

A recent update applied to Battlefield 4 servers on the PC is reportedly causing headaches for a number of players unable to spawn in after death.

Earlier this morning, server update R20 was applied to the PC version of Battlefield 4, according to a representative from the DICE team. Though the change notes have yet to be published, players are already reporting a severe bug that isn’t allowing those affected to respawn after dying.

On Reddit, a server administrator who goes by the name “Epileino” listed a few of the bugs introduced via the latest update:

  • “Players unable to spawn after they died.”
  • “Not showing scores on kills & capping flags.”
  • “Player crash to desktop when this happens.”

“Rumour has it that R21 might come out tomorrow,” he added, which we suspect would likely resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, according to an official warning currently visible on the Battlelog, users affected by the bug are urged to update their Punkbuster files. Additional reports indicate that this method has worked for a number of users.

Keep your sight on MP1st for more updates as they come.


The official R20 Server Update change notes have been detailed:

  • Fixed an issue where players could equip the exclusive DICE camo/paint, which would cause them to become invisible
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