Battlefield 5 6.2 Patch Weapon Changes Detailed by DICE

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With DICE announcing that Battlefield 5 patch 6.2 will most likely be released next week, the big news here is the weapon adjustments the studio will make that will affect the time-to-kill (TTK). Toady, DICE has announced the Battlefield 5 6.2 patch weapon changes!

In the latest Community Broadcast, DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock outlined the Battlefield 5 6.2 patch weapon changes in detail. Check out the in-depth explanation below.

Battlefield 5 6.2 patch weapon changes explanation:

We will continue to operate a damage model that ensures that weapons that are designed to be lethal in close quarters will still do less damage beyond 30M than experienced in 5.0, however we’re making adjustments to the damage curves to ensure that the damage drop off doesn’t feel as instant or severe. Weapons that should be more effective at range such as the Semi Auto Rifles and Pistol Carbines will have their damage drop offs extended, ensuring that they regain a purpose closer to their design and perform significantly better at range. Similar changes are also being made across MG’s and AR’s. (Source)

What did we adjust?

Update 6.2 returns the base damage at range values of most weapons to those of 5.0 while maintaining a drop in ranged damage that is smaller than 5.2 or 5.2.2.


5.0 Values5.2 / 5.2.2 Vaues 5.2 / 5.2.2 Vaues 6.2 Values
FG-42 – 4-6 BTK FG-42 – 5-13 BTK FG-42 – 4-7 BTK

According to DICE, ranged damage is now based on weapon class rather than rate of fire. One example is how Assault Rifles and LMGs (light machineguns) will hit harder at range than SMGs (sub machine guns) with the equivalent rate of fire. Both recoil and accuracy values have been adjusted to be consistent with the values in patch 6.0, with the only exception being the Type 2A, which has gotten a substantial increase in recoil to balance it with the other SMGs.

Bolt Action Rifles have also gotten a buff, as it now will have higher muzzle velocities across the board. According to DICE, ” These weapons are Battlefield’s longest range weapons, and are out performed by other weapons due to the bullet velocity. This adjustment will return Bolt Action Rifles to be the kings of long and very long range combat.”

The Type 11 muzzle velocity has slightly been increased for both default and High Velocity bullets, which should help make the Typ 11 stand out from the Bren.

Summarizing it all up, DICE stats that their goal is “to keep a high pace in close combat and to have a lower, but satisfying pace at distance.”

Are you happy with the upcoming weapon changes or should they just revert everything back to what it was before?

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