Battlefield 5 Currency Reward Bug Acknowledged by DICE, Here’s What’s Planned

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For those annoyed at the Battlefield 5 currency reward bug that prevented players from receiving their 100 BFC for completing the latest Tides of War mission. DICE is aware of this, and has commented on what they’re planning to do about it.

This was mentioned by Battlefield Community Manager Jeff Braddock in the latest This Week in Battlefield V community post. While the fix won’t be retroactive, meaning it won’t grant players who finished the mission with 100 BFC, they are instead giving 200 BFC out to everyone who logs in during a specific time period.

    • The team is working on rolling out a fix (potentially tomorrow) to prevent this from happening in the future.
    • The fix will not be retroactive, meaning it won’t grant you the 100 BFC.
    • To make up for this issue, we’re granting EVERYONE who logs in within a certain period of time 200 BFC. Details will be posted when we confirm the mass grant date (should be this week).

This is good news, right? At least all that work didn’t go unrewarded. Then again, you could have done nothing and gained 200 BFC, but still, it’s better than nothing, right?

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