Battlefield 5 New Content and “New Ways to Play” to Be Introduced by EA

battlefield 5 summer update trailer

Those thinking that Chapter 5: War in the Pacific will be the last content drop in Battlefield 5, that won’t be the case, as EA has confirmed that not only are we getting Battlefield 5 new content, but that players will also get “new ways to play” DICE’s latest shooter in fiscal year 2021!

This was revealed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson during the publisher’s latest quarterly earnings call.

Our Battlefield franchise and its community are also a major focus for us, and we’ll add new content and new ways to play Battlefield V in FY ’21. 

Important to note that fiscal year 2021 doesn’t mean that the new content and such will be out in 2021, but in its fiscal year (April 2020 to March 2021).

What could this “new way to play” Battlefield 5 be? Perhaps another new mode in addition to Firestorm? For those playing the shooter, what would you like to see in terms of new content? Bear in mind that whatever it is, we’ll be playing it for a while as EA has confirmed that the next Battlefield game won’t be out until fiscal year 2022, and even explains why.

Source: SeekingAlpha (login required)

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