Battlefield 5 Next Patch Notes to Be “Locked” Next Week, Release Date Soon to Be Announced

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With the last Battlefield 5 update released over two weeks ago, some might be wondering when the next title update for the game is dropping. While no release date has been given so far, DICE has mentioned that the Battlefield 5 next patch notes are being tested by the QA (quality assurance) team, and final notes will be “locked” next week, and once it’s set, the studio can then give us the release date for the next patch.

This tidbit of info was announced by DICE over on Reddit where the studio also announced that they (DICE) will be working with content creators and Game Changers at gamescom regarding some of the upcoming maps Provence, and Loftofen Islands.

  • Gamescom
    • PartWelsh and I will be in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom, where we’ll be working with content creators and Game Changers about the upcoming maps Provence and Loftofen Islands. Keep an eye on your YouTubes – videos will be coming!
  • Update 4.4
    • We’ve received the first draft of the update notes for 4.4 and are working with our QA teams to test each of the fixes/details. Final notes will be locked next week and we’ll be looking to share a release date once they have been locked.

Once we know more details regarding the Battlefield 5 next patch notes or when it’ll be out, we’ll let our readers know ASAP.

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