Battlefield 5 Rush Feedback Sought by DICE

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In case you missed it, DICE brought back the Rush game mode to Battlefield 5 for a limited time. While the game mode is not available right now, that doesn’t mean it’s not coming back in the future. On the contrary, the studio is now seeking Battlefield 5 Rush feedback in order to make the mode more palatable and attractive to gamers.

Check out DICE’s Matt Wagner’s post below (via Reddit):

I’m Kenturrac, the Developer behind the latest Rush changes. Last time we spoke about those in this reddit post and since then, you’ve had 10 days of Rush during Chapter 4 to go hands on with it. Today I hope we can have a conversation on how you felt about the changes that I made! 

I have a bunch of data and ideas already, but I would like to hear from you about what was great, but especially what you felt wasn’t. I can imagine there are a few obvious hot topics like:

  • Rush should be permanent.
  • Rush should be on more maps.
  • When the teams where unevenly skilled, games went one sided for the next few matches, unrelated to which side each team was on.

On these three points above, we hear you, and we are exploring and discussing across the team what we can do to address that feedback – but I don’t have anything to share with you on those points here today.

So with the obvious points of feedback out of the way, let’s get into the details of how those Rush adjustments worked out. What was great about Rush this time around? What was bad? What would you like to see changed, or added next time? 

The Reddit post/announcement is where you can leave Battlefield 5 Rush feedback, and Wagner has already answered a fair amount of questions and concerns. As someone who played the game mode recently, I think my main concern there is how fast the MCOMs blow up, which meant that the defenders were screwed once a bomb was planted.

If you have any thoughts on Rush and how to make it better in BF5, head on over there and leave a comment.