Battlefield V Bug Shows You on the Mini Map Every Time You Get a Kill, DICE Says It Will Be Fixed

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Have you been playing Battlefield V? Have you noticed how hard it is to flank compared to past entries in the franchise? If so, it’s not you, but it’s the game. It seems there’s an unintentional (or is it?) bug that causes players to show up on the mini map every time they get a kill!

As you can imagine, the people on the Battlefield V subreddit aren’t happy with this. One of the chief complainants? None other than Battlefield YouTuber JackFrags.

Given JackFrags’ wording, it’s unclear whether this is an intentional game mechanic employed by DICE, or just a bug. Regardless of what it is, it will be changed, thankfully! DICE Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan acknowledged on Twitter that this will be fixed, and that it was unintentional.

Unfortunately, this won’t be fixed in the next patch set to roll out for Battlefield V. Le Bihan confirmed that the upcoming patch, which will introduce the first chapter of Tides of War, has already been sent to certification.

Regardless if this is a bug or not, it’s definitely something that’s not welcomed by the community — and with good reason. Is this DICE’s way of helping bad players stay on the battlefield longer or to get kills? If you need help and you play on consoles, go check out this settings guide to know what you need to turn off and more.

Source: Reddit (1,2)

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