Battlefield 5 Update 1.26 Patch Notes & Here’s a Workaround for Stuck PC Download, “Good Stuff” Incoming Soon

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If you’ve been experiencing disconnects in Battlefield 5 after the recent patch, DICE is on the case! The studio has released a new Battlefield 5 update today which is more of a hotfix than a full-on patch (even if there is a download required). Clocking in at 5GB on PC, 443MB on PS4, and 500MBXbox One, the full Battlefield 5 update 1.26 patch notes (if you can even call ’em that) can be seen below.

Battlefield 5 update 1.26 patch notes (hotfix details):

Primarily it will fix the disconnect issue that Xbox users were facing this weekend, but it will also deliver fixes for upcoming content ahead of the start of Battlefest.

Now, if you’re a PC player and you’re experiencing issues downloading the hotfix (as in it gets stuck at 60 percent), there’s a workaround for it, though DICE says they’re “looking into it.” Here’s how to get past it:

I think I’ve found a workaround. Verify game files on origin and once it finishes, origin will start a 5.22GB download instead of 700MB. Also it’s gone over 495MB

Lastly, Battlefield Community Manager Jeff Braddock has mentioned that “good stuff” is incoming in the studio’s This Week in Battlefield V dev posts on Reddit.

#ThisWeekinBattlefieldV will be coming out on Tuesday. Stay tuned. (Some good stuff is coming!)

Could this good stuff be an announcement that we’ll get the Operation Metro re-imagining (called Operation Underground) really soon? I sure hope so. Speaking of which, go check out the minimap of Op Underground right here.