Battlefield Hardline Beta Statistics Account For Money Stolen and Damages Done

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So, who comes out on top in the war between cops and criminals? According to a recently posted Battlefield Hardline Beta info-graph, statistics show that both the good guys and the bad guys come out pretty evenly when it comes to successful break-ins.

But, it doesn’t look like the $9 trillion in loot grabbed will even come close to paying for $374 trillion in damages caused to over 12 million police cruisers, muscle cars, vans, choppers, and motor-bikes that caused all that mayhem in the streets of down town Los Angeles – and that was just the Beta.

Battlefield community manager Dan Mitre posted the official info-graph on the Battlefield Blog rounding up numbers from the first Hardline Beta. Check it out below:


You’ll get the chance to out-do yourself once the second Battlefield Hardline Beta hits all platforms later this Fall. We imagine steeper numbers with the inclusion of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One users.

Battlefield Hardline officially launches October 21.

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