Battlefield Hardline – Visceral Lead MP Designer on Asymmetrical Weapon Unlocks, New Gadgets, and Alligators

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Battlefield YouTube personality JackFrags caught Battlefield Hardline‘s lead multiplayer designer Thadeus Sasser at Gamescom 2014 to talk about some of the tweaks and improvements Visceral’s multiplayer design team has made since the last beta.

Sasser touches on some of the new maps, modes, weapons, and gadgets coming to Hardline. He also explains what the studio has in the works when it comes to asymmetrical unlocks, gadget tweaks, CTE improvements, and …alligators.

Catch the entire interview with Sasser above to hear about “all the things!”

We recently learned that Battlefield Hardline is now headed towards a February release with a second multiplayer beta occurring this January.