Battlefield Hardline General Manager Steve Papoutsis Departs EA

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Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis has departed the studio and EA nearly one month following the launch of their latest project, Battlefield Hardline.

According to reports by Kotaku, Papoutsis is being replaced by Scott Probst, who is son of former EA Executive Larry Probst. An EA rep issued a small statement, saying, “We are thankful for Steve’s many contributions to EA and wish him the best.”

Previously, Papoutsis was involved in the development of Dead Space (2008), Dead Space 2 (2011), and Dead Space: Aftermath (2011) before switching gears to work on a cops and criminals spin-off of the long-running Battlefield franchise, typically developed at EA studio DICE. You may remember him as a speaker at various Battlefield Hardline presentations, including Visceral’s E3 conference last year.

EA tells GameInformer that the change in leadership isn’t related to Battlefield Hardline and that Visceral Games will continue to support the title without interruption. Currently, the studio is also working on a new Star Wars project with Creative Director Amy Hennig.